Team Monster Truck p/b Hub Bicycle Co.

Boston-area cycling club and racing team. DFL>DNF>DNS.

How To Update Your Team Affiliation

USA Cycling

With USAC’s new green licences, you can actually now change your team mid-year without paying to reissue your license. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your USA Cycling account.
  2. Click “Licenses” in the menu below the welcome message.
  3. Click “Edit Clubs/Teams”
    1 The Official Website USA Cycling
  4. Select “Update Clubs” and then click next.
    2 The Official Website USA Cycling
  5. Select “Hub Bicycle’s Team Monster Truck – Cambridge, MA” for each type of license that applies, then click next.
    3 The Official Website USA Cycling
  6. If you haven’t switched to a green license yet, click “Change your status now” at the top before checking out. That way, you won’t have to pay the re-issue fee. Once you complete the checkout, your team will be updated!


Updating your BikeReg profile means that all future registrations with the proper team designations, which means that it will carry over to the results as well. Here’s how to update your information:

  1. Log in to your profile and click “MY BIKEREG” in the top menu.
  2. Click “Edit Profile.”
  3. Scroll down and enter the following fields in just like this:

    Team/Club/Company: Team Monster Truck
    Team Website:

  4. Click “Save Changes” and you’re done!