On March 20, 2017, Emily from our sponsor Hub Bicycle posted this announcement on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram:

I have to admit that I had difficulty starting this post, because what could I say about a shop that helped make our bicycle dreams come true? How could I best convey that Hub and Team MonsterTruck helped me find the radness within me? Interpretive dance? No. Musical number? No.

Fortunately, Victoria had the sense to round us all up for a final #cannoliFriday so we could all share stories and give Hub Bicycle one last big hurrah.

Aeronaut Brewery was kind enough to provide some delicious refreshments.



CXy Dan, Jessie and Crystal enjoy some Hop, Hop and Away

Victoria also provided a scrapbook to insert our pictures, stories, memories. This was my entry (pardon my terrible handwriting, I was a few beers in):

This picture was from the first time I ever went mountain biking (for more, please refer to the blog post). Emily loaned me a full suspension mountain bike and I continued the education in getting rad that began with that first cyclocross practice five years ago.

A series of toasts to Emily and Hub Bicycle occurred through the night. I attempted to Facebook Live the video, only for my battery to run out halfway through. Some highlights:

  • At least three couples have met as a result of Hub Bicycle existing:
    • Tim and Kristin, who now get rad in Seattle.
    • CXy Dan even proposed to Jessie at a #cannoliFriday
    • Emily and Jen technically met at a party, but it was when Jen brought her perfectly in-order bike to Hub that Emily realized “hey I think she’s into me!” The story was a lot more adorable from the source (especially three Fireballs in).
  • Jon Ramos spoke of the many times he brought some bike project in and no matter how terrible the idea was, Emily at least listened to him before explaining why it was a terrible idea or at least giving it a try.
  • Our team chaplain Rev. Laura Everett provided a benediction and discussed how the space occupied by Hub is very much a church as far as building a community is concerned.

However, just because we had the final #cannoliFriday doesn’t mean the party’s completely over. The next day, while I was getting my sweet new Geekhouse looked at, I happened to run into a good number of the attendees from the night before (including my boss).

There’s a sale right on down to the final minute of April 14, 2017. So, get your cool bike swag while you can. I’ve stocked up on lights and gloves. You can stock up on tubes and other sundry items to keep rolling long after the shop is shut.

Best of luck to Emily in all of her future endeavors. She’s helped build our cozy bike community into what it is today and helped so many of us make our bicycle dreams come true. I hope she continues to reach whatever dream she chooses to follow. Plus may all of her future adventures be rad.

I happen to be joining her on one such adventure: the Bostreal ride for the Boston Cyclists Union. With about 30 other riders, we’ll be biking 400 miles from Boston to Montreal on May 27-June 3. The first five days will be climbing up through Vermont and New Hampshire, setting up camp for each night, eventually crossing the boarder. Once we get to Montreal, we’ll meet with local cycling advocates, getting a scope of what their infrastructure looks like and I fully plan on eating as much poutine as I can stuff in my face. Either way, it’s gonna be awesome.