Recipes on the bicycle racing blog? Sure!

With summer in full swing, it’s important to stay on top of you hydration, both while training and racing. There’s a lot of options auto there, some good, some horrible. A 7/11 Gatorade might save you on a long ride, but won’t treat you right on race day. At the other end, a pack a week habit of Osmo or Skratch is a a bit posh for the un-sponsored.

Out of necessity,  I took a stab at mixing up my own knockoff. The goal was to have something with the electrolytes to keep hydrated, the carbs to keep from bonking, a little protein for better fueling, and some nutrients to help absorption. As a bonus, it should taste refreshing at any temperature.

The result is something that you can customize based on your needs. Adapt it to suite you – up the salts, lower the sugar, leave out the protein. It’s yours. Without the protein, it’s pretty close to Skratch in both flavor and nutrition.

It’s more or less natural with the exception of the Kool-Aid packets. You can leave them out, but if you’re including the protein, you’ll want the ascorbic acid to cut the milkiness.

I do the entire recipe in a Vitamix, which, while convenient is overkill.


Freeze Dried Strawberries 34 grams (1 bag)
Vitamin C Powder 0.6 grams
Morton Lite Salt 5 grams
Calcium Magnesium Powder 8 grams
Kosher Salt 10 grams
Kool Aid Pink Lemonade 2 packets
Unflavored Whey Protein Powder (optional) 50 grams
Maltodextrin 100 grams
Sugar 260 grams


Start with the fruit. If you’re using a fruit processor, you might want to strain out any seeds. In the Vitamix, just give it a quick buzz and you’ll have a pink mist. We’re using freeze dried strawberries, but I’ve used raspberries and a berry-blend with good results, so try whatever you like.

Combine all the small ingredients and mix with your fruit powder, just until combined.

The protein powder is optional. You can increase the amount up to a 4:1 ratio, or leave it out, depending on what you’re looking for.

Then, add your sugars. You might want to do a little at a time, so that you can blend these well. The advantage of a Vitamix here is that your sugar will be well ground so that they’ll dissolves quickly. Optional, but it will make the mix more convenient.

Once you have everything combined, just store it in any airtight container. I use a scoop from another commercial mix, which is about the right size. If you don’t have one, weight out about 25 grams and. That’s about what I use in a 20 ounce bottle.