White Park a compact course in a city park, offering a good variety of terrain — a legit run up, a paved hill climb, gravel descents, root garden, and some tricky off-camber hairpin turns. It’s really a great, classic cross course — neither a grass crit or a mountain bike race. It’s really one of the best courses in New England.

Grant’ Race Report

I raced the single speed race, which was an interesting choice given the amount of elevation change per lap. The driving and climbing required by this course aren’t necessarily my strengths, so I knew this would be challenging, and it was. The mid-eighties temperature and the fact that I raced about 53 minutes didn’t do me any favors. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather a race run long than short, but 53 minutes on a single speed is a long time. I went out way too hard, and ended up with a first lap that was 30 seconds faster than those that followed. This led to a blowup at the 20 minute mark, followed by a recovery lap that cost what felt like about 10 places.

I was particularly cautious on the roots and gravel, since I broke a spoke on one wheel and flatted tubular on another at Quad last week. I spent a lap or so in front of Chip, showing him all my secret triathlete lines around the course (spoiler alert: they’re wide and slow.) He came around me and proceeded to drop me on the descents by an embarrassing margin while I’d try and close the gap on the climbs. The last lap was a sloppy blur, complete with a pedal clip induced yard sale on the off camber switchbacks. I ended up 22/28, which isn’t great, but it’s a long season.

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@ahart05 riding the hill at #whiteparkcx

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