Oh man, so much catching up to do.  TMT had a good showing at Canton Cup, Orchard Cross, and both days of Cycle-Smart International.


Valerie in the power section at Canton

Jessie, Valerie, and Dana raced at Canton Cup, and Valerie beat everybody’s butt.  The course was pretty flat, but the grass was like velcro, and also slippery in parts.  There was 1 steep run-up, and a second rideable one with friendly hecklers at the top of it.  It was a sunny day, and a good time.  Jim also raced in the men’s 3/4 race.

Orchard Run-up, photo by Geoff Martin

All 3 of us also raced the next day at Orchard Cross.  Again, Valerie kicked everyone’s butt.  Dana discovered that low tire pressure makes you fishtail on straightaways, and in related news, had a slow leak in one tire (now fixed, thankfully).  This was also the first race for our newest member, Tom!  The course was rad, with berms, jumps, a runup, a tricky off-camber section, a little pump track, and 1 set of barriers.  There was one tree branch that Dana hit, giving her a massive bruise on her arm, and apparently the Brads (Brad Kelley and Brad Walker) both hit the same one.  The costume race was out of control fun.  Dana, Valerie, and Stephanie were dressed as the Wayne’s World Characters and got awesomely heckled and cheered.  PARTY ON!  SCHWING!  GAME ON!

The race was super fun, photo by Geoff Martin


The costume race:

Tom got rad and made some new friends:


Photo by Travis Rabbit

Cycle-Smart International lived up to its reputation as an awesome course and an awesome party.  Valerie and Dana stayed the weekend, racing both days.  It was cold but dry both days for the Women’s 4 race (in the morning), but did rain Saturday afternoon, making the course a little soft and slippery by the next day.  The features were tremendous, including a tricky up/down off camber bit around a tree followed by the longest, steepest runup.  There was a sand pit, lots of twisty turns through the woods, lots more gravel and rocks, a fun descent, and a second runup with stairs. The second day we did an even steeper off-camber (runup) bit around a tree (what had been the “pro line”) the day before, a descent down the previous day’s stair runup, and a mostly backwards version of the turny bits through the woods.  Both days were awesome, great fields with fast people.  HOWEVER, through some miscommunication with the officials, the junior field was started simultaneously, which made for a lot of trouble at the back of our field (and even up towards the front), with pushy kids ramming people and then taking their sweet time through technical bits.  Suboptimal, and definitely something to correct for next year.  The women got an email after the fact from Adam Myerson, race director, who apologized for this mix-up and assured everyone it would be corrected for the future.